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Deep dive: The best scuba gear to keep on board

14 December 2018 • Written by Angela Audretsch

Whether you're equipping your yacht for charter or just want to make sure it's stocked for yourself and your guests, no toy box is complete without several sets of scuba dive gear for exploring the deep. With so much on offer, we've navigated the market to bring you the best scuba dive gear to keep on board now...

Aqualung AquaFlex wetsuit

With extra-stretchy neoprene, the new 5mm AquaFlex becomes a second skin. The seams are sealed with liquid rubber and the three-way zip seal prevents any chilly trickles.


Atomic Aquatics BC1

The Ferrari of BCDs, the new BC1 takes quality and detail to the next level, with titanium-coated D-rings, sand-resistant zips and even quilted shoulder pads.


AP Diving Inspiration XPD

Divers may joke that they don’t count as “real” diving kit, but a rebreather enables a transformative experience. Get closer to wildlife and extend your bottom time by hours.


Cetatek Aquabionic ABS

Available to pre-order now, these highly innovative diving boots instantly connect to a variety of modular fin-blades in different performance parameters using ski-binding technology. Game-changing.


Ocean Reef Neptune Space GDivers full face mask

Breathe through your nose, enjoy a wider field of vision and ditch the pressure points of traditional masks.


Garmin Descent MK1 dive computer

Garmin’s first dive computer is smooth and loaded with features, including surface GPS navigation, colour mapping and multiple dive modes. It also pairs with your smartphone.