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Pure EMotion: Introducing Fisker Inc's all-electric flagship car
2018-03-15By Brett Berk

Car and yacht designer Henrik Fisker is at it again and this time his new concept is electrifying, says Brett Berk...

Henrik Fisker, the Danish born, Los Angeles dwelling entrepreneur and designer, has penned some iconic vehicles in his time – and has no intention of pulling over just yet. Not content with drawing such masterpieces as the BMW Z8, Aston Martin Vantage and Aston Martin DB9, and founding a hybrid gas and electric green lifestyle car company (Fisker Automotive) as well as a red-blooded muscle car company (VLF), Fisker has returned to the stage with a newly revamped namesake company, the California-based Fisker Inc, and a new flagship electric vehicle.

This is the EMotion, a pure electric luxury car with which Fisker hopes to rival Tesla. Initial plans to use quick charging, high-energy-density graphene batteries produced in collaboration with Nanotech Energy have been scrapped and the EMotion will instead use cells made by LG Chem. Fisker remains confident that the EMotion will still be capable of receiving a 125 mile charge in nine minutes, and having a range of 400 miles.

Fisker says the EMotion is capable of receiving a 125 mile charge in nine minutes, and a has a range of 400 miles.

The EMotion capitalises on the advantages offered by an electric powertrain. The motors at each corner readily provide all wheel drive so, without a big engine up front, or complex four-wheel-drive mechanicals underneath, the front and rear wheels can be pushed to the edges of the car, the hood can be shortened, and the passenger cabin lengthened and deepened to allow more interior room on a smaller platform.

Surrounding all of this is a space age medley of bubble top roof, exaggerated wheel arches and low prow. Wing-like front and rear doors, and glass that can electronically vary its transparency complete the futuristic design.

Driver and passengers in the Fisker EMotion will have their own screens with access to all the infotainment options.

The EMotion’s sophistication is not just skin deep. Its substructure is comprised of strong yet lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium. Integrated into its front end is a laser-based Lidar system, which will help support semi-autonomous operation, once processing power, regulation and indemnification make such a thing possible. And there will be screens, at least one for each occupant, so no one misses out on any of their pressing work, texts or binge watching.

Like Tesla, Fisker will allow consumers to spec and purchase their vehicles online. Servicing will take place via a growing network of franchised electric vehicle technicians coordinated through the Hybrid Shop. First deliveries have yet to be set.

Vital statistics

Price: $129,900

Range: 400 miles

Battery Power: 145 kWh

Top speed: 161mph