Stefano Ricci Shoots Fashion Campaign on Board Sailing Yacht Atlantic

23 September 2019 • Written by Olivia Michel

The three-mast sailing yacht Atlantic has made an appearance in a recent ad campaign for fashion house Stefano Ricci. The film was shot on the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago and depicts Atlantic sailing by locations including Capraia, Elba and Montecristo.

Stefano Ricci's Spring/Summer advert, The Pearl of Montecristo, was shot in the Tuscan Archipelago. Image courtesy of Stefano Ricci.

The campaign is focused on four distinct elements; the Greek myth of Aphrodite’s pearls that formed the Tuscan isles, the fortified residence of Italian aviator Italo Balbo, the legend of the Atlantic ship and the fable of Montecristo's treasure. Inspired by Charles Baudelaire’s poem The Man and the Sea and ‘a desire to sail through the vivid shades of the sea’s blue’, the crisp white linens and azure pieces included in the collection fit perfectly with the nautical theme of the campaign.

The pieces shown in The Pearl of Montecristo reflect the collection's nautical theme. Image courtesy of Stefano Ricci/Roberto Quagli.

Stefano Ricci described the spring/summer 2019 line as a collection 'for the man who lets himself be seduced by the colours and forms of beautiful garments, which blur between excellent sportswear and classics with contemporary silhouettes'. The final shots of The Pearl of Montecristo film show the model sailing through the Tyrrhenian Sea on board Atlantic, towards the ruggedly beautiful island immortalised by Alexandre Dumas.

The island of Montecristo, made famous by Alexandre Dumas' novel, is used as one of the filming locations in the advert. Image courtesy of Stefano Ricci/Roberto Quagli.

Despite her classic style, the 64 metre schooner used by Stefano Ricci was actually delivered in 2010 by Dutch shipyard Graaf Ship. Designed by Doug PetersonAtlantic is modelled after the historic 1903 Townsend and Downey schooner of the same name. The Atlantic made history in 1905 when she set the record for the fastest transatlantic passage while competing in the Kaiser’s Cup race. After crossing the ocean in an impressive 12 days, four hours, one minute and 19 seconds, Atlantic later went on to be used by the US Navy during both World Wars. Atlantic eventually sank off the coast of Virginia but her original rudder remains in the Newport Museum of Yachting.

The film depicts the 64m schooner Atlantic being sailed through the Tyrrhenian Sea. Image courtesy of Stefano Ricci/Roberto Quagli.

The Graaf Ship replica has remained faithful to the original Atlantic’s design by William Gardner; she maintains the dark hull and white bowsprit sported by the historic sailing yacht. On board, the Kastelein-designed interiors feature traditional mahogany panelling throughout and her saloons, dining room and library are enhanced with touches of red velvet furniture. She can accommodate 12 guests in her six cabins and is managed by a crew of 12. The speed, size and colourful history of Atlantic make her one of the best sailing yachts in the world and an ideal setting in which to model Stefano Ricci’s pieces.

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Van der Graaf   69.31 m •  2010