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The best towable toys to keep on board

20 December 2018• Written by Sam Fortescue

For many yacht owners and charterers getting out on the open ocean is what sets a yachting vacation apart from any other holiday. But if your Jet Ski skills aren't up to scratch and scuba diving isn't your thing, your choices can sometimes be a little limited. Thankfully there are a whole host of brands offering family-friendly, thrill-seeking fun on a range of compact inflatable towables that everyone can enjoy - here's our pick of the best...

O'Brien Sombrero

This five-man tube has 22 handholds so you can sit or stand around the centre.


Airhead Jumbo Dog

The beach resort staple is a sure-fire hit for kids – fit up to five on board for guaranteed fun.


Sportsstuff Super Mable

For one to three riders, the Mable can be towed from either end and serves as either a comfy chair or wild chariot ride.


Jobe Airstream 2P

With its distinctive stingray shape, this two-man crouching or lying toy helps you bank into turns and cushions you from the wake.


HO Fury

Despite the name, this big and stable one-person tube gives a smooth ride due to a low centre of gravity.


Airhead Mach 2

Deep, secure seats, headrests and handles make this a safe way to get smaller children and nervous adults out on the water.