Fairline Yachts

Based in Oundle, UK, major British luxury yacht builder Fairline builds fibreglass motor yachts ranging from 12.13 metres to 24.37 metres in length.

History of Fairline Yachts

Luxury yacht builder Fairline was founded by Jack Newington, who started the enterprise by opening Oundle Marina on Britain’s River Nene in 1963. A pioneer in fibreglass boat construction, the shipyard launched its first Fairline motor yacht, a 5.8-metre river cruiser, in 1967, Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, luxury yacht builder Fairline grew to be a major manufacturer of luxury motor yachts exported to international markets. In 1991, with the launch of the 19-metre Squadron 62 flybridge motor yacht, Fairline entered the large luxury yacht market. The shipyard’s expansion has continued with the opening of new manufacturing facilities in 2001–2003 that allow construction of larger luxury yachts and megayachts.

Notable Fairline Yachts

The 20.41-metre Fairline Squadron 65 flybridge motor yacht accommodates 8-10 guests and feels like a much larger vessel. In 2003, luxury yacht builder Fairline introduced the successful 24.37 Fairline Squadron 78 flybridge motor yacht. Now called the Fairline Squadron 78 Custom, it affords yacht owners a high level of customisation, including a choice of three or four staterooms.

Specialisations of Fairline

Yacht builder Fairline builds fibreglass luxury motor yachts in two brand series: Targa express yachts and Squadron flybridge yachts. The Fairline Yacht Division helps owners to personalise their new Fairline Squadron 65 or Fairline Squadron 78 Custom motor yacht’s layout and interior design.

Fairline   25.2 m •  2015
Fairline   24.38 m •  2010
Fairline   24.38 m •  2010
Fairline   24.38 m •  2013
Fairline   24.38 m •  2008
Fairline   24.38 m •  2012
Fairline   24.38 m •  2009
Fairline   24.37 m •  2014
Fairline   24.37 m •  2008
Fairline   24.37 m •  2013
Fairline   24 m •  2006