Jamie Edmiston appointed CEO of Edmiston & Company

19 October 2014 • Written by Malcolm MacLean

Having founded his eponymous brokerage house, Edmiston & Company, in 1996, Nicholas Edmiston will now step back from day-to-day management and has appointed his son, Jamie Edmiston, as the new CEO while Nicholas becomes Chairman.

With a strong emphasis on marketing, Nicholas Edmiston rapidly built a reputation as one of the most innovative brokerage houses and went on to become a power in the industry

Nicholas Edmiston comments: 'I have been involved in the yacht business for over 45 years. I am very proud to have built a business that stands for quality and expertise and innovation in what is a highly competitive market. Now is the right time to hand over day to day management to Jamie who has played a key role in Edmiston’s success. With his knowledge of the yacht business as well as his expertise in the luxury brand market, I have no doubt that he will continue to take Edmiston from strength to strength.”

Jamie Edmiston adds: 'I have been intimately involved with Edmiston for much of my working life. I am delighted to take on the leadership of the business as Chief Executive and look forward to building the business for the future. We have a great team of people, and I am confident Edmiston will continue to thrive. My aim is very clear, to ensure that Edmiston continues to play a defining role in the yacht business.'

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