Archive: 12 tenders and day boats at MYS 2015

Glider SS18

The most unique at the Monaco Yacht Show

This is a MYS preview from our archives. See our 2016 Monaco Yacht Show guide here.

The unique eye-popping Glider SS18 multihull was expected at MYS 2015 but it didn't feature.

• Length: 18m
• Shipyard: Glider Yachts
• Top speed: 56 knots

Alen 55

The swift day boat to see at the Monaco Yacht Show

Born to run, the Alen 55 sped into Port Hercules for the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show. The amped up Alen 55 runs at 32 knots and is an ideal superyacht tender or chase boat.

• Length: 16.8m
• Shipyard: Alen Yacht
• Top speed: 32+ knots

Franck Muller 55

The luxury watch-inspired tender to see at the Monaco Yacht Show

A collaboration between The Italian Sea Group and the watchmaker, the first boat from Franck Muller Yachts, the Franck Muller 55, boasts classic curves. She was kept top secret back when we announced the collab in March, and show visitors got the first chance to see the new Franck Muller watch-inspired yacht in the flesh in Monaco.

• Length: 16.5m
• Shipyard: The Italian Sea Group
• Top speed: 35 knots (half load)

Lap 1

The tender with the coolest paint job at the Monaco Yacht Show

Designed by Francesco Paszkowski and Fiat heir Lapo Elkann, 13.7 metre Lap1 boasts, among many custom details, a hand-painted and lacquered camouflage finish that's one of the coolest yacht paint jobs we've seen. It’s perfect for a series of patrol boat-inspired day boats that celebrate Baglietto’s military heritage.

• Length: 13.77m
• Shipyard: Baglietto
• Top speed: 37 knots


The newest superyacht tender brand at the Monaco Yacht Show

On this aluminium tender, with Yanmar 370hp diesel stern drives, yacht designer Luca Dini was aiming for speed and the looks of “a fighter plane without wings”. The  superyacht tender Baby from new shipyard Cantiere Navale Italia is ready to take flight with a top speed of 45 knots.

• Length: 13m
• Shipyard: Cantiere Navale Italia
• Top speed: 45 knots

Wajer 38S

The sporty and sexy yacht tender to see at the Monaco Yacht Show

With a smart layout, high speeds and a sexy red paint job, the new Wajer 38S will inspire you to get out on the water. The Dutch builder showed off its newest day boat-cum-superyacht tender at MYS 2015.

• Length: 11.3m
• Shipyard: Wajer & Wajer
• Top speed: 47 knots

Hodgdon 10.5m limo tender

The custom limousine tender

US custom yacht builder Hodgdon Yachts debuted its new 10.5 metre limousine tender at the Monaco Yacht Show, which features a striking metallic turquoise blue hull colour and a luxe interior with optional leather and wood veneers. Designed by Michael Peters Yacht Design, the  limo tender can ferry up to 11 guests to shore in style.

• Length: 10.5m
• Shipyard: Hodgdon Yachts
• Top speed: 38 knots

Silurian 1080

The RIB designed for superyachts

According to UK RIB builder Scorpion, its latest launch was designed to specifically to be an ideal superyacht tender or chase boat, offering the utmost in comfort, speed and style with teak decking and leather seating. The Silurian 1080 will run comfortably with passengers at 35 knots, but can reach a top speed in excess of 55 knots at with a medium load.

• Length: 10.45m (excluding engines)
• Shipyard: Scorpion
• Top speed: 55+ knots


Luxi33 is the eco-friendly yacht tender that splashed thanks to crowd-funding. Its creators raised an impressive €380,000 to get this sleek superyacht tender on the wate. Note the solar energy, hybrid propulsion and environmentally friendly build materials, all of which give this tender serious eco credentials.

• Length: 10m
• Shipyard: Cantiere Savona
• Top speed: 20+ knots

Wider 32

One of the fastest superyacht tenders at the Monaco Yacht Show

Wider has updated its fun, fast customisable Wider 32 – one of the fastest superyacht tenders – with a new cockpit configuration, new pilot seat and bathing ladder, as well as an increased list of accessories such as a co-pilot seat and integrated fridge.

• Length: 9.6m
• Shipyard: Wider
• Top speed: 37 knots

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