Arctic P refitted with hidden pool and hot tub

18 June 2015By Risa Merl

The extensive seven-month refit of Arctic P has given the 88 metre explorer yacht some luxurious new amenities.

The most significant change is the redesigned beach club, where a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and dining table have been installed to make the area the yacht’s new entertainment hub.

But Arctic P isn’t shedding her functional, expedition yacht heritage just yet. The pool, Jacuzzi and table are designed to stow flush with the teak deck when not in use so the space can be utilised for other activities.

Then at the touch of a button, the glass bottom of the swimming pool and the teak bottom of the Jacuzzi will lower into the deck and the empty spaces will be filled with water. Meanwhile, the dining table on the opposite side of the beach club rises from the deck. The entire transformation takes no more than five minutes.

As there are often children on board Arctic P, safety was a concern for the owner. In addition to pools that can be covered, removable railings were also installed to separate the pools from the rest of the deck space when in use.

The refit of Arctic P was carried out at the Navantia Shipyard in Cartagena, Spain, working with project managers MML.

”Working in partnership with Arctic P’s captain and crew over the years has enabled MML to fully understand their specific requirements for each refit or period in maintenance,” says Matt Liddell, MML technical manager.

While in for the refit, Arctic P also had a complete revamp of her bridge and engine control room. The galley of Arctic P was also updated.

Explorer yacht Arctic P is designed to go places, and she’s done just that, winning a Voyager’s Award during the World Superyacht Awards 2015. Arctic P is the yacht to voyage the furthest south ever, and new more fuel-efficient propellers installed during this refit should benefit her during future world-girdling adventures.