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Revealed: The 65.1m support vessel concept complete with a full-size roll-in helicopter hangar

14 April 2021By Miranda Blazeby

Kirsten Schwalgien Design (KSD) has presented a 65.1 metre yacht support vessel concept named Big Shadow.

Key features include a massive 1,380GT, beam of 12.7 metres and transatlantic range.

Designed in collaboration with an experienced yacht owner, the concept features an innovative roll-in helicopter hangar, which formed a key part of the brief. The hangar is large enough to hold an Airbus H145 without folding the rotor blades.

“The owner’s brief required to implement the heli-hangar into the existing structure,” said Kirsten Schwalgien, founder of KSD. “The roll-in hangar allows the owner to transport their helicopter with maximum speed, ease and efficiency. It’s a feature which I expect to see more of in the future.”

Elsewhere, Big Shadow is characterised by a striking “vibrant fluorescent yellow accent colour”, tapered bulwarks and converging sheer line and superstructure for a “more dynamic shape and sharper lines”.

“Big Shadow has her own character, defined by a contemporary, aerodynamic shape, much-improved functionality, and a distinctive design,” Schwalgien added.

Big Shadow can accommodate a total of 11 crew and has enough storage to carry a comprehensive stock of tenders and toys. The concept is projected to reach a top speed of 18 knots with a range of 5,000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 14 knots.