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Toybox: Incat Crowther's 48m sub-500GT catamaran shadow yacht concept

2 June 2021• Written by Tom McGhie

ShadowCat has revealed a 48 metre sub-500GT catamaran shadow yacht concept named Toybox developed with Incat Crowther. 

It comes after the builder delivered the 68m second hull in its ShadowCat range Wayfinder.

Set to be built at Armon Shipyards with a construction period of 18 months, Toybox will incorporate many of the features seen on large ShadowCat designs but on a smaller hull platform.

Fully customisable to the owner’s demands, Toybox will include a fully certified 13m helipad suitable for helicopters including the Airbus ACH145, AW119 and Bell 429.

Elsewhere, Toybox can store three tenders up to 10m in length on the main deck aft, with overhead beam cranes for deployment and retrieval. The main deck also features a deck store, galley, mess and accommodation for 14 crew.

Spread over three decks, Toybox has a 12m beam and draft of 2.15m, allowing access to shallow anchorages and remote locations.

Elsewhere, the catamaran’s hull design is particularly eco-friendly, delivering less fuel burn and higher speeds with a 70-percent increase in stability during offloading operations.

Commercial director of Armon Shipyards Spain Ricardo García said the concept will “revolutionise the mega yacht industry”.

“We have found this platform to be the key for every yacht owner to transport everything they need less than a mile away from their main yacht, no matter when or where, through a compact and cost-effective solution.”

“This latest ShadowCat concept offers a tremendous amount of customisation and meets the needs of buyers who require a moderately sized shadow yacht to support their existing superyachts, without sacrificing quality or performance,” added Robert Smith, director of YCTS Ltd.

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