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Ocean Talks 2022 digital event to commence on World Oceans Day

29 April 2022

Kicking off on World Oceans Day, the 2022 Ocean Talks virtual event has been announced. Hosted by BOAT International with support from Ocean Family Foundation (OFF), the three-day programme is set to run from June 8 until June 10.  

Having been supported by OFF since 2018, Ocean Talks aims to build a stronger bridge between the yachting community and the world of marine conservation. This year, this will be done online through a series of ocean-saving stories, including podcasts, videos, and an exclusive live auction. 

Those who are to be featured include the team behind the charity, Minorities in Shark Science (MISS), the key scientists initiating progress for Yachts for Science, and the designer of the world’s first eco-focussed yacht NFT.

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The programme highlights for this year's event will be showcased across BOAT International’s digital platforms. All attendees have to do is tune in to the Ocean Talks section of the website, BOAT's podcast channel or social media platforms

For more information, please contact oceantalks@boatinternationalmedia.com or follow the hashtag #OceanTalks.

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