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Triton reveals new customisable submarine concept with Espen Øino

5 October 2022• Written by Laura Nicholls

Project Hercules is an all-new Triton submarine concept revealed during the Monaco Yacht Show. Born from a collaboration between Triton Submarines, Dark Ocean Design and superyacht designer Espen Øino, this one-of-a-kind design  aims to “change the manner in which owners and their guests experience and engage with their underwater environment.”

The new submarine features a patent-pending design by Dark Ocean Design and can dive with up to nine people to depths of 200 metres. Thanks to four large thrusters, Project Hercules can travel at speeds of up to eight knots, twice that of traditional private submersibles, and features a selfie camera in its front spoiler. 

A fully customisable interior can be configured to suit a range of social settings. Passengers can use the sub to enjoy casino gaming, fine dining, cocktails, wedding ceremonies and even a spa session. The exterior design can also be redesigned to reflect the mothership. "With Project Hercules, we set out to create an ‘Inner Space Craft’, one that delivered a calm and exclusive environment where owners and guests could enjoy intimate conversations, contemplative calmness and memorable private experiences," explains Espen Øino.

“I was initially reluctant to even enter a submersible due to claustrophobia, but it took just one demonstration dive with Triton for me to fall in love with the experience that submersibles can deliver. They truly add a whole new dimension to the yachting experience, hence why we were so keen to develop this relationship with Triton moving forward," adds Øino. 

In addition to restyling existing Triton models, the team are currently working on several new model concepts and projects. Speaking on behalf of Dark Ocean Design, co-founder John Ramsay adds: “For fifteen years, the team at Dark Ocean has collaborated with Triton Submarines to create some of the most capable submersibles on the planet. With Project Hercules, the team at Espen Øino contributed a refreshingly unique perspective on how the vessel could be configured. This insight, combined with their expertise in crafting luxurious spaces, has resulted in a submersible that is simply unlike anything else.”

“The portfolio of Espen and his team represents the pantheon in yacht design, we’re truly excited by their enthusiasm to collaborate. To be able to offer our respective clients submersibles that are uniquely styled, both on the exterior and interior, is a thrilling new direction and opportunity for all parties involved, including yacht owners,” adds Patrick Lahey, President of Triton Submarines.

The concept and engineering phases of Project Hercules are now complete with testing, final specifications and pricing yet to be completed. Further information on Project Hercules will be released during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.