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Valerio Rivellini presents new explorer tender Iceman

11 December 2023 • Written by Gemma Harris

Italian designer Valerio Rivellini has unveiled details of the 9.6-metre explorer tender Iceman, designed as a support vessel for Cantiere delle Marche (CDM)'s 44.3-metre Flexplorer 146.

The tender is capable of operating in all latitudes and also includes a 50-centimetre draught for shallow cruising.

Iceman is built with an aluminium hull and carbon fibre superstructure

Iceman will be stowed in the stern of the Flexplorer 146 and will also be capable of storing a second, 4.4-metre tender on its own stern. This space-saving solution will allow for greater movement on the Flexplorer’s main deck. Renderings reveal a black hull and robust lines that suit the Flexplorer’s "go-anywhere" design.

The explorer tender can carry up to 10 passengers. In addition to the second tender, Iceman also houses all available water toys for the Flexplorer, including two sea bobs, two 6-metre canoes, four Aerofoils, fishing equipment and scuba diving equipment with six cylinders.

Iceman is powered by a 370 HP Yanmar engine.

The first Flexplorer Maverick was launched in November. There are a further two units being built at the Italian shipyard with estimated delivery in 2024 and 2025.

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