The 20 biggest superyachts under construction in the world

Every year, the world’s most premium superyacht builders push the boundaries of design and construction to build the biggest superyachts in the world. German yard Lürssen has the most large-scale superyacht projects underway, claiming seven from this list, while Dutch yard Oceanco has three. The largest of the lot, the 182.9m REV Ocean, is set to become the most advanced research vessel in the world when it is delivered. In second place, the 158m Project Blue is the largest Lürssen on the list and due for delivery in 2023. Several projects in this list are on hold, casting doubt over their scheduled delivery dates. The 141m Dream Symphony, currently underway at Dream Ship Victory in Turkey, is one such stalled project alongside the 126m Privilege One and 122m Project Kay. Currently undertaking sea trials, the 139.7m Solaris is close to completion and will claim the accolade as the largest explorer yacht in the world until the completion of REV Ocean, which will supersede it.

REV Ocean | 182.9m

Built in 2022 ,Norway
Courtesy of Guillaume Plisson

Set to become the most advanced research vessel in the world, REV Ocean will be 2.3 metres longer than Azzam, the world’s largest superyacht. Although REV Ocean will not be considered a fully-fledged superyacht, it has been developed with legendary superyacht designer Espen Øino. REV Ocean will be packed with advanced oceanography equipment and has been designed to be as fuel-efficient as possible. Other onboard features include storage for an autonomous submersible, as well as laboratories and an auditorium. Accommodation is for 36 guests and 54 crew members. REV Ocean was technically launched in August 2019 at the Fincantieri/ Vard Holdings yard in Tulcea, Romania.

  • Builder: Vard
  • Country of build:Norway
  • Delivery year:2022
  • Length Overall: 182.9 m
  • Beam:22 m
  • Gross Tonnage17440 t

Project Blue | 158m

Built in 2023 ,Germany

One of the most secretive large-scale projects underway, very little is known about the 158m Project Blue, currently underway at Lürssen in Germany. Due for delivery in 2023, Project Blue is understood to have an interior volume close to the 15,917GT Dilbar.

  • Builder: Lurssen
  • Country of build:Germany
  • Delivery year:2023
  • Length Overall: 158 m
  • Beam:21 m
  • Gross Tonnage15320 t

Project Opera | 146m

Built in 2023 ,Germany
Credit: Jonas Thelan

Also underway at Lürssen in Germany, the 146m secret superyacht project Project Opera was technically launched for the first time in early 2021. It is understood to be the rebuilt 145m Project Sassi, which was sadly destroyed in the company’s 2018 shipyard fire. Project Opera is reported to have a 20m beam and an interior volume exceeding 10,000GT.

  • Builder: Lurssen
  • Country of build:Germany
  • Delivery year:2023
  • Length Overall: 146 m
  • Beam:20 m
  • Gross Tonnage11999 t

Project Luminance | 145m

Built in 2022 ,Germany
Image credits: Carl Groll/

The 145m Lürssen superyacht Project Luminance is due for delivery in 2022. The bow section of the in-build superyacht was glimpsed underway at the German yard for the first time earlier this year.

  • Builder: Lurssen
  • Country of build:Germany
  • Delivery year:2022
  • Length Overall: 145 m
  • Beam:20 m

Dream Symphony | 141m

Built in 2022 ,Turkey

Currently on hold, the 141m Dream Symphony began construction in 2011 at Dream Ship Victory in Turkey. Designed by Dykstra Naval Architects, Dream Symphony is a monohull sailing yacht with accommodation for a total of 18 guests and 32 crew members.

  • Builder: Dream Ship Victory
  • Country of build:Turkey
  • Delivery year:2022
  • Length Overall: 141 m
  • Beam:18.1 m
  • Gross Tonnage5200 t

Solaris | 139.7m

Built in 2021 ,Germany
Image: Carl Groll/

Currently undertaking sea trials and due for delivery in the second half of 2021, the 139.7m Lloyd Werft superyacht Solaris is now the largest explorer yacht in the world. The mysterious project, which is designed by Australian designer Marc Newson, first hit the water at the German yard in Bremerhaven in February 2021. Key exterior features include a light grey hull paired with a white superstructure, a large helipad, a sun deck and a spacious beach club and swimming pool aft.

  • Builder: Lloyd Werft
  • Country of build:Germany
  • Delivery year:2021
  • Length Overall: 139.7 m
  • Beam:22 m
  • Gross Tonnage11011 t

Privilege One | 127m

Built in 2022 ,Italy

Currently on hold, the 127m Privilege One was originally due for delivery in 2022. Designed by Laraki Yacht Design, the yacht is set to include amenities such as five swimming pools, a beauty parlour, cinema, two helicopter pads and a submarine that emerges from the side of the hull. Accommodation is for a total of 28 guests and 39 crew. In 2018, it was reported that the main facility of shipyard Privilege Yachts had been put up for auction.

  • Builder: Privilege Yard
  • Country of build:Italy
  • Delivery year:2022
  • Length Overall: 127 m
  • Beam:22 m
  • Gross Tonnage8700 t

Project JAG | 125m

Built in 2023 ,Germany

Sold by German yard Lürssen and Moran Yacht and Ship in 2019, the 125m Project JAG is designed by Nuvolari Lenard with an interior by Reymond Langton. Scheduled for delivery in 2023, the yacht will have accommodation for a total of 20 guests in 11 cabins and a number of standout features include a helipad, beauty salon, spa, sauna, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor cinema and a dance floor. Project JAG will have ample room for toys and tenders, including a sailing dinghy, Sea Bobs, windsurfers and a submarine.

  • Builder: Lurssen
  • Country of build:Germany
  • Delivery year:2023
  • Length Overall: 125 m
  • Beam:18.5 m

Project Kay | 122m

Built in 1990 ,Poland

Currently on hold and previously known as AMG 120, Project Kay was designed by Cor D. Rover and is underway at Stocznia Gdynia. The conversion project started life in Asia before fitting out took place at Arista Marine Group in Croatia. The hull was shipped to Malta more than two years ago, and the project was placed on hold, although it is understood the project is soon to be auctioned. 

  • Builder: Stocznia Gdynia
  • Country of build:Poland
  • Delivery year:1990
  • Length Overall: 122 m
  • Beam:17.4 m
  • Gross Tonnage6273 t

Project Signature | 120m

Built in 2025 ,Netherlands

Announced in September 2020, the 120m in-build Amels superyacht Project Signature is designed by superyacht designer Espen Øino and marks the second custom collaboration between the studio and the Dutch shipyard. Described as a “unique and powerful” vessel by Imperial, Project Signature is set to be a "green, ecological superyacht" with diesel-electric engines and Azipod propulsion with superlative noise and vibration management. Project Signature is due for delivery in 2025. 

  • Builder: Amels
  • Country of build:Netherlands
  • Delivery year:2025
  • Length Overall: 120 m
  • Beam:20 m