The ultimate bonus rooms on board luxury superyachts

Swimming pools, gyms and even private cinemas are becoming increasingly common features of luxury superyacht design. So how do superyacht interiors stand out from the crowd? BOAT takes a look at some of the unique "bonus rooms" on board superyachts, showcasing unique and innovative design in the form of libraries, research labs, cigar lounges and more...

Superyacht Mahjong rooms

In a direct correlation to an increase in Chinese superyacht buyers, we’ve also seen an increase in the request for bonus rooms dedicated to the game of Mahjong in luxury yachts. The Feadship yacht Blue Sky had a room specifically designed to play the tile game in. But this bonus Mahjong room has been seen on smaller yachts, including a few in the Azimut Yachts range, as pictured above.

The classroom on Vertigo

Who says you have to wait until the kids are grown up to take the voyage around the world? Certainly not the owners of sailing yacht Vertigo who put this classroom to good use while travelling with their young family. Outfitting the yacht with a classroom and bringing along a tutor meant the kids could keep up with studies while they sailed. This bonus room on the award-winning sailing superyacht Vertigo has desks and a SMART board — an interactive whiteboard hooked up to the computer that utilises touch recognition.

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