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Charter corner: Combining fitness and wellness on board Siren

18 January 2019 • Written by Sophia Wilson

With an experienced chef with a preference for healthy cuisine, a trained Thai masseuse and a professional personal trainer on board, 73.5 metre  Siren  is perfectly set up for a fitness and wellness charter. Sophia Wilson hopped on board to be put through her paces and speak to personal trainer Amelia Marshall, who joined the yacht in 2018 having previously set up her own gym franchise, about the best way to get the most from a fitness focused holiday.

How have you found training clients on board a yacht rather than at a gym?

It is actually very similar, it's literally just working on water rather than on land. I really love doing it on the yacht because I find it quite adventurous. I have been using the stairs, you can use the swim platform, just being outside is more refreshing for the mind rather than being in a gym.

73.5 metre motor yacht Siren is perfectly set up for a fitness and wellness charter

What do you find guests want when they come on board?

I offer a variety of options because each guest is different – Pilates, boxing, strength and conditioning and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts. It depends on the client as to what I give them. On holiday you want to relax a bit but it’s so important to keep moving. I think mornings are the perfect time to workout. Afterwards you can have a healthy breakfast and then the rest of the day enjoy the sun or whatever you want to do.

What would you recommend for a guest looking for a fitness focused charter?

It depends on the client, obviously, but if I had a female for a week I would recommend three Pilates sessions, a couple of HIIT sessions, a stretching session and a day off. However, if it is a male, or maybe a female who wants a bit more, I would recommend three strength and conditioning sessions, two Pilates sessions and a rest day. I would also suggest they make the most of having Gib [the on-board masseuse] available.

How do you prepare for charter guests?

The preference sheet helps so much because then I can pre-plan, but there is nothing like being in person with the client. Sometimes people think they know what they need but once you are with them you can change their mind and help them get the best results. After one session you know the person pretty well, you can see how their body works and from there you can get incredible results in just a couple of weeks.

Siren's deck by night

What is your favourite type of client?

I love working with all kinds of abilities - I have been working out the crew. Some of the crew are really into fitness, which is fantastic because you know they can handle anything you give them. Some of the others are a bit new to exercise but seeing how much they have changed in just four weeks is so rewarding.

What are the biggest trends in fitness at the moment?

The trend was CrossFit but now it is Pilates and cross-function HIIT training. That’s why I created my own little programme called Ameliaties, because I have noticed so many people have injuries in their knees and quads. I concentrate on preventing injury and looking after people’s bodies but still getting results.

Siren is managed for charter by Burgess, her weekly charter rate starts from €525,000.

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