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Book it now: Seafarers at Atelier Newport

6 April 2018• Written by Ellie Hardinges

Atelier Newport will bring nautical art to the forefront in May 2018 with a new exhibition entitled Seafarers. Featuring an eclectic mix of marine-themed pieces by emerging and mid-career artists, the collaborative show will also feature pieces from the Donald Tofias Collection.

Michael Keane's Head to Head. All images courtesy of Atelier Newport.

Running from May 5-25 to coincide with the Volvo Ocean Race’s stopover in Newport, the destination’s yacht-filled harbours and history of world-class sailing events makes it the perfect location to showcase some of the finest marine painters currently working, further cementing Newport’s reputation as the sailing capital of the world.

The artists on display at the Seafarers exhibition range from established artists, such as John Mecray and Michael Keane, to more contemporary works by Heinke Bohnert, Antonia Ty Peeples, Jennifer Day and Sunny B. Wood. Curated to celebrate the sailing heritage of Newport as seen through a painter’s eyes, Seafarers will highlight newer works, such as Wood’s Wood Dock Timber Whale sculpture and Karen Johnson’s collage-style Reflections, alongside more traditional paintings and photography.

Columbia Shamrock by John Mecray

Of particular interest to sailing yacht enthusiasts will be two large-scale models of the famous J Class yachts Shamrock V and Enterprise created by John Mecray. Exhibited alongside limited edition prints of the yachts, these works aim to document the extraordinary history and journeys of these vessels. Meanwhile, Keane’s Head to Head provides a nostalgic reflection on the smaller yacht regattas that frequently take place in Newport.

While the works by Mecray and Keane keep the sailing spirit of previous centuries alive, the range of art on display from different generations and nautical traditions offers a vast array of pieces to be enjoyed by 21st century marine enthusiasts.

Seafarers runs from May 5 – 25 at Atelier Newport, visit for more information.