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eFoil sets new record for non-stop channel crossing

16 August 2021• Written by Holly Overton

A father and son duo has set a world record for the first non-stop eFoil crossing of the English channel. 

Rob and Morgan Wylie left the shores of Folkestone, UK, on August 12 and arrived in Cap Griz Nez, France, after a two-hour journey across one of the world's busiest stretches of water.

The Fliteboard, their board of choice, is an electric-powered hydrofoiling surfboard developed in Australia by kiteboarder David Trewern and is one of the most awarded eFoil offerings on the market.

Credit: Fliteboard

The 40 kilometre mission took one hour and 39 minutes from coast to coast and the pair were able to complete the journey on just one battery charge. 

“Ever since I first experienced riding on a Fliteboard, I was hooked as I knew this was going to be the next generation of watersports," said Rob Wylie. "The channel crossing has not only set a new world record but also proves how advanced Fliteboard’s technology is that we successfully made the crossing on one single battery charge.”

Credit: Fliteboard

The electric surfboard and hydrofoil market has boomed in the past few years with electric-powered toys swiftly becoming a must-have for all superyacht toy boxes. Not only are the boards emission-free but they are virtually silent with minimal impact on the environment.

The Fliteboard is controlled by a handheld remote with virtual gears and interchangeable wings depending on the level of the rider. Its lightweight body is built from aircraft-grade aluminium and carbon and can reach speeds of up to 28 mph.

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