Fraser partners with CanO Water to help reduce ocean plastic pollution

20 June 2017 • Written by Zoe Dickens

Brokerage firm Fraser has announced a new partnership with innovative beverage company CanO Water to help further its commitment to reducing ocean plastic waste.

Plastic pollution is huge threat to the world's oceans. photo: AdobeStock

CanO Water aims to tackle the issue of single-use plastic bottles, tonnes of which end up in the oceans or in landfill sites every year, by packaging its still and sparkling drinking water in aluminium cans. These special cans feature resealable closures, making them the perfect replacement for plastic bottles, and have the highest recycling rate of any drinking product currently available.

The partnership comes after Fraser announced a collaboration with environmental charity Plastic Oceans earlier this year, along with an ocean sustainability education programme for its clients, staff and the wider yachting industry. As part of this, Fraser will now team up with Vins Sans Frontiere to distribute CanO Water products to all Fraser yachts, as well as using them at as many boat shows and major events as possible.

CanO Water's innovative resealable cans

“For the past 70 years, the oceans have provided Fraser with the fundamental resource for our industry,” said Fraser CEO Raphael Sauleau. “For us and the wider yachting industry to continue to thrive and for our clients to continue to enjoy incredible experiences on board their yacht, we need to address the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans.

“Fraser’s partnership with CanO Water further demonstrates our commitment to this cause. We will be encouraging all our clients to have CanO Water on board their yachts and look forward to continuing to educate the industry and the yachting community on this important issue.”