7 of the best Vitters sailing superyachts of all time


The award winner

At the recent 2016 World Superyacht Awards, Unfurled was crowned as Sailing Yacht of the Year.

A more-than worthy winner, this 46 metre German Frèrs-designed sloop is packed with technical innovation such as retractable propulsion pods, a sophisticated carbon rig and roller furling system.

To celebrate Unfurled's win, we bring you more of the best sailing superyachts built by  Vitters Shipard.

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Vitters   46 m •   2015


The green machine

Vitters has produced dozens of oustanding sailing yachts over the years, but none can claim to be quite as distinctive as Inouï.

Launched in 2013, this 33.4 metre yacht not only sports a bright green hull, but also a 1980s-style sloping transom and a 1990s-style coach roof.

Owner Marco Vögele set out to create a sports-car aesthetic and with the help of naval architect Philippe Briand as well as Vitters themselves, it’s fair to say he succeeded.


The flagship

Launched in 2015, Aquijo became the largest Vitters yacht launched to date and the third- largest sailing superyacht in the world.

Built as part of a new collaboration between the Dutch yard and Oceanco, this 85m ketch is surprisingly performance-orientated for its size, with a highly responsive custom steering system.

Interiors by Dölker + Voges are complemented by the high-volume superstructure and extensive glazing.

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Oceanco, Vitters   85.9 m •   2016

Timoneer II

The regatta winner

If you’re looking for proof of Vitters’ racing pedigree, then the Dubois-designed  Timoneer II is a great place to start.

This 45m aluminium yacht was launched in 2001 and went on to win the Palma Superyacht Regatta in 2004, the Antigua Superyacht Cup in 2008 and the Dubois Cup in 2011.

And the hand-polished Cherry wood interior by John Munford Design mean that’s she’s as refined as she is speedy.


The Ed Dubois masterpiece

In the year that legendary designer Ed Dubois passed away, it seems only fitting to include another of his finest designs in this list.

Inspired by the beam-to-length ratio and the low freeboard of the J-Class yachts, Ganesha sports a highly unified exterior that is as impressive today as when she was launched in 2013.

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Vitters   46 m •   2013


The vintage refit

Vitters has been crafting yachts since the 1990s and one of the best examples of the early years is Thalia.

This graceful 48.5 metre yacht was lovingly refitted in 2008 with interiors by Elmar Meurer.

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Vitters   48.5 m •   1994


The dream combination

Over the years Vitters has had many esteemed collaborations and one of the most successful has been with Hoek Design and Nigel Ingram.

This partnership resulted in the award-winning Adele, Erica XII and most recently Marie.

A 54.6 metre ketch with classic lines and modern performance, Marie is currently offered for sale and is available for charter.

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Vitters   54.6 m •   2010

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Vitters   54.6 m •   8 guests • Price from €168,000 p/w

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