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Revealed: 100m carbon fibre concept with its own private harbour unveiled

21 July 2021 • Written by Tom McGhie

Lazzarini Design has unveiled a new superyacht concept named Saturnia that houses its own "private harbour" for tenders.

The futuristic 100 metre concept will be made entirely from dry carbon fibre and sports a geometric silhouette with angular lines. According to the designer, this material will make the superyacht “50 per cent lighter than boats of the same size”.

The main design feature is the private port located amidships, accessed via two large automatic openings on each side. Operating like a seaport, vessels can pass in and out when Saturnia is underway and can accommodate tenders with a draft of up to 1.5 metres.

The concept is imagined to have a hybrid propulsion system, consisting of twin side diesel engines and a central electronic water jet device, for zero-emission cruising with a top speed of 30 knots.

Spanning five decks in total, Saturnia can be customised to have between 10 and 20 suites for guests and up to 20 crew members. The interiors are characterized by high ceilings and large, sliding glass windows that connect inside and out.

Onboard amenities include several pools and alfresco dining areas, a launchpad for eVTOLs and a glass-bottom lounge.

Lazzarini Design's latest unveiling comes after the designer revealed Avanguardia, the 137 metre concept with a huge control tower resembling the head of a swan.

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