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Carbon-neutral 110m superyacht concept VY-01 with "garden-like" interior revealed

26 October 2021• Written by Tom McGhie

German design studio 3deluxe has revealed an entirely carbon-neutral 110 metre superyacht concept named VY-01, complete with a “garden-like” interior.

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VY-01's "garden-like" interior bolsters air quality
All images courtesy of 3deluxe

First revealed at the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show, the concept is described as a “floating garden of Eden” by the studio. Key features of the open-plan layout include a greenhouse and vegetable garden.

Speaking about the design, the studio said: “Climate change is forcing industries to rethink the way they operate.

"Climate change is forcing a radical rethink," said the studio

“The concept’s interior breaks with many conventions of yacht design and instead corresponds with the nature-orientated philosophy of the project.”

Guests can enjoy a light-flooded interior, with the inclusion of sensor-controlled louvers that wrap around the superstructure. Elsewhere, VY-01’s sundeck features 470 sqm of solar panels alongside a sun lounging area.

The interiors are flooded with light through the use of louvers

The concept is set to be powered by fuel cells driven by hydrogen and recharged by bio-methanol, for a range of 3,240 nautical miles. Noise pollution is kept at a minimum thanks to silent electric engines.

Luxury amenities include an infinity pool on the beach club while steps lead up to a shaded sofa area.

VY-01 features 470sqm of solar panels

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