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Dust: Designer Jay Aberdoni reveals sporty 83m concept

23 June 2022• Written by Tom McGhie

Designer Jay Aberdoni has lifted the lid on his latest concept, the “sporty-looking” 83 metre concept Dust.

Like Aberdoni's previous 72 metre design, Posterity, Dust is characterised by wide-ranging open deck spaces, minimalistic treatment and smooth connection between foredeck and aft decks.

The latest concept displays the same minimalistic design as seen on 72 metre Posterity

Speaking about his most recent project, Aberdoni said: “Dust is undeniably a sporty looking superyacht, with features you could find in a sports car. There are also  some gentle touches that you could see in porcelain art.”

Dust’s standout feature is a vast 350 square metre beach club, which centres around a firepit with direct access to the sea alongside a bar, social area and sunbathing space.

Dust's aft decks are an array of amenities

The open stern also benefits from the dappled light that trickles through from the main deck aft’s glass-bottomed swimming pool.

Guests can stroll into the main saloon via the aft terrace. Moving inside, the main deck hosts seven of the eight cabins, with the master suite situated on a private upper deck. The spacious owner’s suite features walk-in wardrobes, an office and a lounge.

“The aft terrace of the upper deck is only accessible by the owner’s suite, with cul de sac side corridors to ensure privacy,” said Aberdoni.

Elsewhere, the concept’s foredeck has been left purposefully open in keeping with the designer’s minimalistic tendencies.

“All of my designs are characterised by elegant minimalistic treatment of surfacing and unblocked views, as much as the design allows for,” continued Aberdoni.

Dust also includes a garage with storage for Jet Skis, an eight metre tender and a limousine tender.

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