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Sustainable Sipping: Luxury Reusable Straws

5 June 2020

Single-use plastics, such as those used to make shopping bags, bottles and drinking straws, have created a crisis in our oceans that threatens to have disastrous effects. Thanks to growing awareness of the issue, however, change is happening with a number of ocean-friendly hotels vowing to go plastic-free and laws introduced to ban microbeads in beauty products.

It has also never been easier to go plastic-free at home or on board thanks to a whole raft of brands offering sustainable alternatives to everything from plastic toothbrushes and bottles to clothing and make-up packaging. Not sure where to begin? Start small with these stylish alternatives to single-use plastic straws...

Clos19 x Campbell-Rey

Limited edition glass straws, £50 for six

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Sterling silver and enamel straws, £305 for four

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Glass smoothie straws, £16 for four

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Kikkerland Glass Straws

Dishwasher safe glass straws, set of three for £12

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Saint Laurent

Metal, reusable straws, set of two for £170

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