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9 Premium Gins Everyone Should Try

25 August 2020• Written by Kelly Sullivan

We do love an international day of celebration, particularly one that celebrates one of our favourite tipples. Now that International Wine Day is over, we're moving on to more potent things: gin. Whether you're island hopping in the Maldives, exploring the best beaches in the Mediterranean or even planning a party with friends, the opportunities for a balloon glass filled with gin and tonic are aplenty! Alternatively, a gin cocktail never goes a miss for something with a little more pizzaz.

We've rounded up the best premium gins for a truly exceptional International Gin Day and we're sure each of these will look right at home in your superyacht bar!

What is gin?

Gin is a distilled spirit, which originated as a medicinal product known best for its helping calm stomach ailments. Fast forward to today and it's one of the world's most popular spirits, with Britain labelled as the largest distributor of the spirit globally. The main ingredient and dominant flavour in gin is juniper, which is easily recognisable in scent and taste.

Here is our pick of the best gins to stock up on now. Please note, readers must be of legal drinking age to purchase.

Duck and Crutch

Born from a shed in Kensington, London, Duck and Crutch is the brainchild of self-taught distiller George and his partner Holly. Featuring a striking bottle that's not likely to be forgotten, this gin has a unique flavour profile from its Darjeeling tea botanicals it is distinctively herbaceous and spiced with a subtle sweetness.

Serving suggestion:  A classic G&T served with Indian tonic water or in a Gin Punch during the festive season as the spices in this gin wonderfully complement festive tipples.

45% ABV  |  £49,

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Canaima Gin

Good tropical gins are few and far between, but this Canaima boasts an exotic profile that captures the flavours of summer in a burst of vibrant fruits and botanicals. Açaí, túpiro and seje are just a few of the exotic botanicals complementing the more savoury notes of black pepper and herbaceous rosemary.

Serving suggestions: Serve in a balloon glass filled with ice, a measure of Canaima topped with Fentiman's Valecian Orange tonic and garnished with a pinch of pink pepper.

47% ABV  |  £38

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Cambridge Gin Truffle Gin

We can't say we're surprised to find a truffle gin on the market, arguably the most in-demand delicacy of the moment. It's as unique as you would expect it to be in that it's rich and smooth with earthy, mellow flavours. You'll smell the truffle more than you'll taste it but garnish it right and you'll bright out the best of this Cambridge Gin.

Serving suggestions: Serve with vermouth and a little lemon peel to garnish in a classic martini.

42% ABV  | £73

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Comte de Grasse 44°N Gin

Produced in the hills of Grasse on the French Riviera, the look and feel of this 44°N Gin is made for every luxury superyacht bar. It is premium in every sense of the word and we're a sucker for a nautical theme here at Boat International. The flavours don't disappoint, it's a robust, aromatic gin that combines honeyed notes of juniper and citrus with a hint of floral cutting through too.

Serving suggestion: Enjoy as a classic G&T or as the base of a classic gin martini.

44% ABV | £80

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Scapegrace Black Gin

This exciting gin is something completely different. It's an aromatic, small-batch gin is from a far-off corner of the Earth, New Zealand, but what makes it truly unique is that it's the first black gin and makes a wonderful base for cocktails, not only in flavour but in appearance too. Distilled with 12 botanicals, it is elegantly spiced with a refreshing dose of tropical fruit in harmony with the juniper.

Serving suggestion: Enhance the fruits of this gin with a shot of lemon juice, sugar syrup and soda in a gin fizz cocktail. It will look a bit purple in appearance thanks to the black gin.

42.2% ABV | £37

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24 Carat Gin

Theres premium gin and then there's 24 Carat Gin, not only infused with botanicals but also 24 carat liquid gold. This British creation is a dry gin that's gold in colour, fun for those looking for something truly unique.

60% ABV | £1,200

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London to Lima Gin

Discover this unique Peruvian gin that tells the tale of one family's journey. Distilled from Pisco, it's rich in lime zest, pepper and herbaceous note. 

Serving suggestion: This gin is perfect served in a dirty martini, pair it with sweet vermouth to enhance the flavours of the gin. 

£46.45 from The Whisky Exchange

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No.3 London Dry Gin

If you haven't already, this is definitely a gin to try now and not just because of the many accolades under its belt. A Berry Bros & Rudd production, you've got a refreshing hint of grapefruit and a whisper of spice on the nose and you'll really pick up on both, particularly the cardamom and the juniper on the palate.

Serving suggestions: A classic serve of Schweppes tonic and a wedge of grapefruit is a fail-safe option, but why not try using it as the base for a bloody Mary? You'll be pleasantly surprised.

46% ABV | £35

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Aviation Gin

Known as the American dry gin, Aviation's profile was bolstered when bought out by actor Ryan Reynolds and featured in Blake Lively's film, A Simple Favour. If you've still not come across it, we'd advise you get your hands on a bottle. It's a pretty mellow, easy-to-drink gin with a soft, herby profile with hints of lemon.

Serving suggestions: A chilled glass of 1724 tonic, a slice of orange and a double measure of Aviation

42% ABV | £32

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