Dutch masterpieces: 10 of the best Feadship superyachts of all time


The ultra-quiet Feadship superyacht

For the true yachting fanatic, being asked to pick your favourite Feadship yacht is akin to being asked to pick your favourite child. The famed Dutch yard has been delivering yachts since 1949, making it a challenging task to narrow down a list of the best of Feadships afloat today. But it's a task worth tackling if only to point out some of the unusual, creative and groundbreaking design features found on the best Feadship yachts.

Our list starts with the 92 metre Aquarius, which was commissioned by experienced American yacht owner Steve Wynn. Feadship describes him as “a fiercely competitive player in the hospitality business and highly ambitious in terms of his personal possessions”, and these qualities seem to have influenced many of the characteristics of his new boat — not only in the infrastructure of the galleys, pantries and crew service areas, which have been “optimised to the highest degree”, but also in providing dedicated spaces for some of Wynn’s private art collection.

Aquarius is propelled by twin MTU 16V4000 M63L, 2,240kW diesel engines, which give her a maximum speed of 17 knots and a range of 5,500 nautical miles at her stately cruising speed of 12 knots. Feadship has worked hard to ensure that she is as silent as possible — in fact the yard expects her to be the quietest yacht it has built to date. Aquarius accommodates 14 guests in seven staterooms styled by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, while her crew quarters allow for a total staff of 31.

Photo: Feadship

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Mengi-Yay   45 m •   2016


The 2016 Motor Yacht of the Year

Triumphant at last year’s World Superyacht Awards, Savannah was chosen by a judging panel of 22 superyacht owners as the finest yacht launched in 2015. Featuring naval architecture by De Voogt and CG Design interiors, this 83.5 metre yacht was described as an "almost unanimous" choice.

Savannah's ground-breaking interior features curved walls and corridors, rich woods, intricate stonework and a grand total of 50 sliding doors. One of the most innovative Feadship yachts ever, Savannah sports a seafoam green exterior that reflects her eco-friendly Breathe propulsion. Developed in-house by the Dutch yard in 2010, this hybrid system draws on a 30-tonne lithium-ion battery bank.

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Feadship   83.5 m •   2015

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Feadship   83.5 m •   12 guests • Price from €1,000,000 p/w


The groundbreaking Feadship

Launched by Feadship in 1983, the Jon Bannenberg designed Azteca was way ahead of her time in terms of design. She is still remarked upon today as one of the most ground-breaking, trend-setting superyachts of all time and has inspired countless other designers of today. Featuring distinctive windows and an unusual interior layout, she and her sister ship Paraiso were built for Mexican media mogul Emilio Azcarraga. She was recently sold by Glynn Smith at Denison Yacht Sales, with Vesa Kaukonen at KK Superyachts introducing the buyer.

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Feadship   46.6 m •   1983

The Highlander

One of the best classic Feadship yachts

We could write an entire list on best classic Feadships yachts, but one that would be at the top would surely be The Highlander. Launched in 1967, she has been well kept over the years and recently had a thorough refit under the loving care of her owner Victor Muller.

Speaking about the refit of his classic superyacht The Highlander, Victor Muller shared that he stumbled upon a Feadship ad while flipping through a copy of Boat International in 2007. "I thought, heritage is very important, I want to buy [a yacht] with the best heritage.”

Once owned by Malcolm Forbes, The Highlander's heritage is undeniable, and she captures the elegance of a bygone era as one of the most beautiful classic yachts – as well as one of the best Feadships – out there.


The biggest ever Feadship superyacht

Feadship has launched an array of impressive yachts in recent years, but it outdid itself by launching its largest yacht Symphony in 2015. Symphony measures in at a whopping 101.5 metres LOA.

With an exterior design by Tim Heywood, she stands out with a dark blue hull, and recent photos of largest Feadship yacht Symphony show off her amenities, which include a six-metre contraflow pool.

Originally known as Project 808, the sizeable feadship is built to Passenger Yacht Code and hosts up to 20 guests. On board amenities include an observation lounge, gym, beauty salon and massage room, and she has a variety of the best superyacht toys for children, including two Seabobs, slides and inflatables.

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Feadship   101.5 m •   2015

Madame Gu

The award-winning Feadship

Launched in 2013, 99 metre Madame Gu reigned as the Feadship flagship until Symphony knocked her from her from the top spot. The Feadship superyacht stands out with a sporty profile that's magically stretched over nearly 100 metres atop a full displacement hull.

Designed inside and out by British designer Andrew Winch, Madame Gu features an electric blue hull, and she has an amazingly bespoke interior that has been kept entirely under wraps since her launch by her private owner.

And just like Savannah after her, Madame Gu was named Motor Yacht of the year during the 2014 World Superyacht Awards, an accolade which helps cement her standing as one of the best Feadships around.

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Feadship   99 m •   2013

Musashi and Fountainhead

The best Feadship sisterships

While Feadships are custom creations and there are few that are exactly alike, there floats  Musashi and Fountainhead – two of the best Feadship yachts and two beautiful sister ships. Musashi was commissioned for Larry Ellison, principal of the America's Cup Defender Oracle Team USA, and launched in 2010, while Fountainhead arrived in 2011. At the time, the 87.78 metre yachts were the flagships of the Feadship fleet.

Both are designed by Feadship's De Voogt team and Sinot Design, and a defining design feature is their window-packed superstructure, as can be seen in the photo of Fountainhead, above.

Musashi also hosts a basketball court on her aft deck, with sports courts being one of the top 10 design features of the world's largest yachts.


The best Feadship with an unusual exterior

One of the best Feadship yachts with one of the most unusual exterior designs is the 72.8 metre Predator, launched in 2007. Many of the more adventurous Feadship designs like Predator are borne from the De Voogt design office, where Feadship future concepts are launched. And Predator's exterior was, in fact, dreamed up in-house with Feadship's De Voogt designers.

Predator features a blue paint job on her steel hull with bold red boot stripe and an aggressive x-bow profile that certainly helps her live up to her raptorial name. The planing hull yacht has a top speed of 28 knots.

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Feadship   72.8 m •   2008

Lady May

The most innovative Feadship

Feadship launched Como in 2014, proving that sometimes substance is far more important than size. Now re-named Lady May, she had us asking if this was the most innovative 46 metre superyacht ever?

Como was built for experienced yacht owner Neville Crichton and features exterior design and naval architecture by Dubois Naval Architects and interiors by Redman Whiteley Dixon.

Feadship's commitment to developing glass technology is seen in Lady May, best highlighted in her owner's suite, which enjoys full views outside through the glass cut-out in the bulwarks.

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Feadship   46.22 m •   2014


The most private Feadship

The Feadship superyacht Venus could garner any number of superlatives: she is one of the most high-tech Feadships, has the best use of glass, and has a unique design that turns head wherever she goes. She'd be a favourite without her famous owner putting her in the spotlight. But thanks to who she was built for, the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, Venus is not only of the best Feadships but one of the most famous – and most private.

Venus was recently spotted in for a refit at Monaco Marine in France. She also grabbed attention earlier in the year when she narrowly squeezed through a bridge in St Maarten.

You won't see this Feadship yacht at a boat show anytime soon, nor have any interior images ever been permitted to be shown. But you can follow in the wake of Venus by travelling to the nine spots she visited in Greece this summer.

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Feadship   78.2 m •   2012

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