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Luxury yachts explained

2015-08-06By Laura Nineham

What is a luxury yacht?

A luxury yacht is a crewed yacht, most often owned by the richest people in the world who enjoy the unrivalled luxury and exclusive privacy of these floating abodes. The popularity of luxury yachts continues to grow, with over 700 luxury yachts for sale currently and over 700 new yachts on order this year.

How big are luxury yachts?

When we use the term luxury yachts, we mean yachts over 24 metres. And whilst the average size of luxury yachts is around the 40 metre mark, the world’s largest yachts keep on growing: this year there is a record number of new yachts being built that surpass the 100-metre barrier, currently at 50.

The fastest luxury yacht in the world is World is not Enough, built for serial superyacht owner John Staluppi (who likes to name his yachts after bond movies). She is the only yacht to have reached 70 knots – the same speed as a cheetah running.

How popular are luxury yachts?

The popularity of luxury yachts is growing: last year the demand for yachts for sale outstripped supply. The production of new semi-custom luxury yachts is increasing, although custom builds remain popular.

Of the 734 new luxury yachts in build, just 12% are sailing yachts. Open yachts are falling out of fashion, with people favouring expedition style yachts.

Can I rent a luxury yacht?

Many people get their first taste of the ultimate opulence of yachting when they charter a luxury yacht. There are almost 350 luxury yachts listed for charter on our website, with the majority of the fleet being chartered in the Mediterranean in the summer and the Caribbean in the winter.

As you’d expect, there are fewer sailing yachts for charter with four times as many motor yachts available to rent.

Famous luxury yachts and their owners

One of the most famous luxury yachts available for charter is Highlander, owned by the Forbes family and previously host to the likes of Ronald Reagan, Sir Mick Jagger and Robert de Niro.

Other notable famous luxury yachts and their owners include Google founder Larry Page, who owns charter yacht Senses and F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone, who owns 58.22 metre mega yacht Petara, named after his daughters Petra and Tamara.

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