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The biggest superyacht disasters in 2022

21 December 2022 • Written by Katia Damborsky


Motor Yacht
Cantieri San Marco ·  39.4 m ·  2007
Motor Yacht
ISA ·  45 m ·  2022

From devastating fires to shocking sinkings, BOAT rounds up the worst superyacht disasters from 2022...

49m superyacht 007 runs aground in Greece

In the early hours September 3, the 49 metre yacht 007 struck rocks in a small bay on the island of Kythnos, in the Cyclades island chain in Greece. She quickly began taking on water and listed steeply on her port side, jutting out above the waterline around 15 metres from the beach. Pollution prevention measures were put in place within 24 hours, but the yacht remains in the same position as of December 2022, prompting complaints from local residents.

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39m superyacht My Saga sinks in Italy

Credit: Czinformer on YouTube

One of the most dramatic yacht disasters of 2022 came when 39 metre My Saga sunk in the Ionian Sea off the coast of southern Italy. She was being towed when the incident took place, after sending out a distress signal in the early hours of the morning to report that she was taking on water. It’s still not clear how the incident occurred, but a representative from a local marina told BOAT International that the seafloor in this region is too deep for the yacht be salvageable. You can watch the moment My Saga sunk below.

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59m yacht Idol collides with bridge in Italy

Credit: Ermes Bacci

A less dramatic incident saw the 58.9 metre motor yacht Idol collide with a bridge in Pisa, Italy. The bridge typically has an elevation of 11.8 metres above sea level during low tide, but according to eyewitness reports, the yacht attempted to pass during high tide. Minimal damage was sustained.

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49m Eleonora E sinks in Spain following collision

In June, the 49 metre Eleonora E sunk after being hit by an offshore supply vessel while she was stationary in the marina. Footage shows the offshore vessel hitting the yacht squarely on its starboard side, after apparently running into mechanical difficulties. Eleonora E remained in the port for several months, before a three-week salvage operation raised her from the seafloor and hauled her away for repairs.

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45 metre motor yacht Domani flounders off Washington Coast

Credit: US Coast Guard Pacific Northwest

Around 45 miles from the coast of Washington, the 45 metre Benetti yacht Domani ran into difficulty. The US Coast Guard reported the yacht’s crew had been unable to close the transom door, resulting in flooding of the beach club that left her disabled and floundering. Emergency services were quick to respond, and the yacht was towed to nearby Port Angeles for repairs.

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Brand new 45m superyacht Aria SF goes up in flames in Ibiza

Fresh from delivery from Italian yard ISA, the 45 metre Aria SF caught fire in a busy anchorage in Formentera, Ibiza. Eyewitness accounts reported smoke originating from the area around her main saloon, and within minutes the yacht’s superstructure was engulfed in flames. She was towed away from other yachts to prevent damage, and sunk close to Cap Martinet, in Ibiza. Local news have been reporting on the ongoing efforts to remove the yacht’s hull from its current resting place.

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Yacht damaged by Coast Guard in alleged drug smuggling operation

Credit: @Zulya48246965 on Twitter

In July, shocking images showed the result of a clash between a 27 metre superyacht named Belgor and a Coast Guard patrol vessel in Turkey. The incident is alleged to be part of a drug smuggling operation, with the Coast Guard attempting to investigate reports indicating the presence of drugs on board the yacht in Muğla, close to Bodrum. The yacht then attempted to leave the waters of Turkey and the Coast Guard pursued, before finally opening fire and ramming the yacht.

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25m motor yacht sinks off Chub Cay in the Bahamas

Credit: Instagram/@captpgarcia

A 25 metre motor yacht, believed to be a popular Ferretti Yachts 830 model, was spotted submerged off the coast of Chub Cay in the Bahamas. The yacht reportedly hit a shallow reef and sank quickly, in an incident that bore some similarities to the sinking of another 25 metre motor yacht in April 2021.

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Fire destroys 27m Sanlorenzo superyacht in Valencia

Image credit @valenciaplaza and @Sysngn on Twitter

In April, a fire destroyed a 27 metre Sanlorenzo SX88 model named Pesa in the Port de Valencia, on Spain’s eastern coast. Six separate fire crews were called to tackle the blaze and it was eventually distinguished — however it’s understood the yacht is a total loss. After 12 hours of burning, the yacht sunk in the port.

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Yacht damaged in fire at the Ferretti shipyard in Cattolica

At the start of the year, a fire at one of Ferretti Group’s Cattolica shipyard caused significant damage to a motor yacht under construction. No-one was injured thanks to the “immediate implementation of safety procedures” and the cause of the fire is subject to an investigation.

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