US builder Lazzara gets fresh start under new ownership as Lazzara Custom Yachts

2015-01-09By Risa Merl

The Avanti Ocean Group, comprising private investor Geoff Bond and third-generation Lazzara family members Joe and Steve Lazzara, has purchased the assets of US builder Lazzara Yachts, which includes the intellectual property of the company and the yacht moulds.

Lazzara Yachts has rebranded under the name Lazzara Custom Yachts and Tampa Marine Services. The Tampa, Florida-based company will offer new yacht construction in the 19- to 40-metre range and also offer service and refit work on yachts and ships up to 49 metres with the aid of 300-ton travel lift.

"Financially speaking, a debt-free company with investment capital puts us in a position to develop new products and take care of our customers in a way that historically made our family so successful," says Steve Lazzara, company CFO.

Avanti Ocean Group has relocated the builder to a 2.8-hectare site across the street from Lazzara's former yard, which was purchased by yacht tender builder Carbon Craft in November 2014. At that time, Rich Lazzara had told Boat International the plan was to, "Either lease land back or move across the street, still working through the lease details on both options." It seems the latter has prevailed, and the builder will be enjoying a fresh start on new land. A state-of-art manufacturing facility is currently being designed for the new site.

Joe Lazzara, company president, says, "This new start allows the next generation of Lazzaras to continue the rich history of yacht building and innovation our family has in the industry while allowing us to be even more committed to our owner and vendor base for decades to come."